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1. Gherardi v. Citigroup Global FINRA ID #16-01001 (Miami, FL, 2018-02-28) – Finding a broker-dealer liable for wrongfully terminating a broker, a Panel awards the broker almost $4 million in compensatory damages, and reforms the broker's Form U-5 to indicate that he was terminated without cause.

2. Rochdale Securities v. Quad Capital FINRA ID #16-02256 (New York, NY, 2018-03-01) – One broker-dealer recovers more than $1.6 million in compensatory damages from another broker-dealer and an individual broker as a result of trading losses on an order for Apple Inc. stock placed by the respondent broker.

3. Morganstein v. JP Morgan FINRA ID #16-03731 (New York, NY, 2018-02-23) – A broker seeking unpaid compensation recovers almost $1.1 million in compensatory damages from his former employer.

4. Hoffner v. Burnham Securities FINRA ID #16-01147 (New York, NY, 2017-11-30) – The Panel in this Modified Stipulated Award reverses its original decision and grants expungement relief to three respondent brokers, after learning that the settlement language on which it based its earlier denial was inserted by mistake.

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