Welcome to the ARBchek Resouce Center. Here you will find tools to help you get the most out of your ARBchek, ARBchek Lite or Arbitrator Comparison Report (ACR) user experience. For quick help getting started, view the two five-minute demo videos. If you need in-depth assistance with specific functions, view our FAQ.

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Demo Videos

These five-minute Demo Videos are a great way to get started with ARBchek and the Arbitrator Comparison Report (ACR). It will give you a quick introduction to ARBchek’s services to help you start searching smarter. Read more >


View a list and explanations of the codes and abbreviations you will encounter in ARBchek reports. Read more >


Have specific questions of need in-depth help with one of ARBchek's functions? View our FAQ. This page contains frequently asked questions and information to help you get the most out of ARBchek and ARBchek Lite. Read more >


Can't find the answere to your question? Our Help page has resources to help you troubleshoot issues ith ARBchek. Find information on system requirements and recommended browser, download our user Guide for reference, or contact us directly. Read more >