Resources: Glossary of Terms

To enable you to read and interpret SAC ARBchek reports, SAC has prepared this list of definitions, codes, and abbreviations that are unique to SAC's encoding procedures. Commonly used or self-evident abbreviations are not included. We have attempted to provide an exhaustive list. If we have overlooked a definition or abbreviation, or if you still need clarification of a term, please call us at 973-761-5880 or e-mail us at

*NOTE: All damage amounts with a decimal point need to be multiplied by 1000.
    Example: 10.0 = $10,000.00

A/C Account
ACA Advanced Compensation Agreement
AE Account Executive
AP Associated Person
Arbn Arbitration
Arbr Arbitrator
B/D Broker/Dealer
B&D Sympathetic Claimant Category
BFD Breach of Fiduciary Duty
B/K Breach of Contract
BOM Branch Office Manager
Bot Bought
C/A Cause of Action
CC Counterclaim
Cfms Confirms
Clrg Clearing
CMO Collaterized Mortgage Obligation
Cs Claimant
DOA Director of Arbitration
FAA Federal Arbitration Act
GAO General Accounting Office
GP General Partner
Broker-Dealer inquiry to customer re: satisfaction in broker handling of account
IIED Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
IPO Initial Public Offering
ISC In-house Counsel
J&S Joint & Several
Kr Independent Contractor
L/P Limited Partnership
MTD Motion to Dismiss
No-show Appears in “Professional” field — a party in an arbitration proceeding does not appear in the hearing or has failed to file an Answer to the Statement of Claim.
None Appears in “Professional” field — a registered representative appears on behalf of himself or herself, or a member/member firm has no representative in an arbitration proceeding.
OOB Out of Business
OOP Out-of-Pocket
O/S Offering Statement
OSC Outside Counsel
PAL Post-Award Litigation
PDAA Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreement
PIABA Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association
PHC Pre-Hearing Conference
PHL Pre-Hearing Litigation
POA Power of Attorney
PP On the Papers (generally, small claims proceeding)
Priv Secs
Private Securities Transaction (Selling Away)
Pro se Representing self in a litigation/arbitration
RICO Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act, Title 18, U.S. Code
RR Registered Representative
Rs Respondent
S/A Statement of Answer
S/Agmt Submission Agreement
S/Clm Statement of Claim
SEC Securities Exchange Commission
SIA Securities Industry Association
SICA Securities Industry Conference on Arbitration
S/J Motion for Summary Judgment
S/L Statute of Limitations
SRO Self-Regulatory Organization
TAA Total Amount Awarded
TAC Total Amount Claimed
TP Third Party
TPC Third Party Claim
T-Pty Cs Third Party Claimant
T-Pty Rs Third Party Respondent
WSJ Wall Street Journal
A AMEX American Stock Exchange
C CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchange
F NFA National Futures Association
J JAMS Judges in Arbitration and Mediation Services
M MSRB Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
N FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
N NASD National Association of Securities Dealers
P PCX Pacific Exchange (n/k/a NYSE Arca)
S Court Annexed
T CBOT Chicago Board of Trade
W MSE Midwest Stock Exchange
X PHLX Philadelphia Stock Exchange
Y NYSE New York Stock Exchange
Z AAA American Arbitration Association
DLJ Secs Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corp.
DWR Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc., Morgan Stanley DW, Inc., Morgan Stanley & Co., Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Everen Everen Securities, Inc., First Union Securities, Inc., Wachovia Securities, Inc., Wells Fargo Advisors
MLPFS Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner Smith
PruBache (PSI) Wachovia Securities, LLC.
PWI PaineWebber, Inc., UBS Financial Services, Inc.
SLH Smith Barney, Inc. (Shearson/American Express, Shearson Lehman Bros., Smith Barney Shearson, and Salomon Smith Barney), Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
TMcK Thomson McKinnon Securities
Abbreviation Professional Field Meaning
* Any used where the Award should have provided but did not provide required information
0 Amount Claimed,
Third Party Claim,
used where the amount could not have been known or was a discretionary number to be provided by the arbitrators at the end of the hearing
1 Amount Claimed,
Amount Awarded
amount not quantifiable, or resolution is other than monetary award; i.e., declaratory judgment, rescission (a 1 here signifies a damage theory and prevents duplication of claimed damage numbers), judgment of non-liability, reformation of Form U-5, etc.


BlueSky Unregistered Brokers or Securities
BreachContract Breach of Contract
BreachFiducDty Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Compensatn Compensation
FailToObey Failure to Obey
MarginLiqdn Margin Liquidation
Misappropriatn Misappropriation/Conversion
Misreprestn Misrepresentation/Omissions
Operations Clearing Error
TakingRecords Removal of Client Records
UnauthTdg Unauthorized Trading
WrongTerm Wrongful Termination


ARS Auction Rate Securities
CDs Certificates of Deposit
CDOs Collateralized Debt Obligations
CommFutures Commodities Futures
CommOptions Commodities Options
CorpDebt Corporate Debt
DirectInvesmts Direct Investments
EqOptions Equity Options
Equity Stock
ETFs Exchange Traded Funds
FinanFutures Financial Futures
GovtSecs Federal Government Securities
Money Mkt A/C Money Market Accounts
MuniSecs Municipal or State Securities
NP No Product
PrivSecTrans Private Securities Transactions (Selling Away)
REITs Real Estate Investment Trusts
UITs Unit Investment Trusts