What is ARBchek?

ARBchek is the most powerful search tool for securities arbitration research available. With ARBchek, you may search 55,000+ Award records, viewing the results in summarized, easy-to-read chart formats.

ARBchek, at a glance...

  • First step in Arbitrator Due Diligence
  • Access 55,000+ Awards from all securities arbitration forums
  • Search up to 35 Arbitrators at once
  • Award information distilled into easy-to-read Reports
  • 20+ information fields on each Award found
  • Switch easily from the Summary report to the actual PDF
  • Patterns and conflicts in an arbitrator's Award history jump off the page
  • Batch-printing and -opening of PDF Awards available
  • View individual Reports with aggregate result summaries for each Arbitrator.