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ARBchek is a fast multi-name search engine that puts the Arbitration Award data you need at your fingertips. ARBchek consolidates the details of approximately 50,000 arbitration decisions into a searchable database that makes accessing the information you need fast and simple. Get the most up-to-date information on securities arbitration in a straightforward, user-friendly format that takes the tedium out of due diligence.

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With ARBchek, the name of the game is efficiency.

Use our unique Name Index tool to select Arbitrators from an alphabetical list by first or last name. This ingenious feature eliminates the possibility of failed searches due to misspelling.

Use ARBchek's Quick Search capability if you prefer to supply all or part of the name rather than browsing alphabetically. ARBchek's features are designed with time savings in mind.

Why run 30 searches when you can get all the information you need in one? With ARBchek, you can search a single name or up to 30 at a time, for instant results. Our unique Award Summary displays your search results in a user-friendly chart with 27 customizable fields. Want to see the full Award? ARBchek connects you to the Arbitration Award you need in just one click.


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