Automatically distills Award data
into a Summary format.

Your time is valuable. ARBchek gives you the data you need at a glance. No more sifting through multi-page documents — your results are summarized in an easy-to-read chart with more than 20 categories of information. Retrieve saved searches for up to 120 days and view new Awards added to the Arbitrator's history at no additional cost. As an ARBchek subscriber you may print as many of the Awards as you need with a single click.

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Toggle back and forth between the summary and the Award.

With ARBchek’s user-friendly and highly customizable format, you can change your sort preferences at any time. Award results are laid out in a concise, easy-to-read format with one Arbitrator’s records per page. If you need to see the full Award, it’s only a click away: access the PDF from the Award thumbnail link within your search results.


New Award Brief
View these free summaries of just-released Awards, hot off the press, as well as some selected Awards of interest.
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