How do ARBchek and ARBchek LITE compare?

Please review the below chart to learn the value of our two Arbitration Award search applications.

Comparison Chart: ARBchek vs. ARBchek LITE

Feature ARBchek Subscriber ARBchek LITE
Accesses the full database of 55,000+ Awards yes yes
Search all securities arbitration forums yes yes
Distills Awards into easy-to-read Reports 20+ fields 7 fields
Can search multiple Arbitrator names at once up to 35 names up to 10 names
Switch from the Summary report to the actual PDF no additional cost no additional cost
Batch-print and -open of PDF Awards no additional cost no additional cost
Full ARBchek summary (20+ fields of data) no additional cost n/a
Aggregate result summaries for Arbitrator no additional cost n/a
Professional Field no additional cost $5.00
Who Wins no additional cost
Access to Awards Plus yes no
Credit card payment at checkout not required required
Subscription option for reduced rates yes no